318 Jackson Street, Olin, Iowa 52320
319.484.2200 olintel@olintel.net

Telephone Services

Phone ServicePrice per month
Single Party Residence Service$22.50
Single Party Business Service$22.50
Federal Subscriber Line Charge - Single Line Residential$6.50
Federal Subscriber Line Charge - Single Line Business$9.20
Touch Tone Service$1.00
Toll BlockingFree
Emergency 911 ServicesSurcharges for 911 services are determined according to government assessments


Low-income individuals eligible for Lifeline telephone assistance programs may be eligible for discounts from these basic local service charges through state specified telephone assistance plans.  

Basic services are offered to all consumers in the Olin-Morley Telephone Company service territories at the rates, terms, and conditions specified in the Company's tariffs. If you have any questions regarding the Company's services, please call us at (319) 484-2200, fax us at (319) 484-2800, e-mail us at olintel@olintel.net, or visit our offices at 318 Jackson St. Olin, Iowa for further information regarding our services.